Today I woke up reflecting on our country, Uganda and realised what is killing the nation is our daily news letter. The newspapers.

Most times we under estimate the power of media but it has the power to excite people, instil fear or hope and faith_depending on what is published. The media reflects who we are as a nation. It is sad that today, media only gives a bad report on our nation,Uganda. The question is: Is all hope really lost? Is there no joy whatsoever in this nation? Is the truth bad news only?

Ugandan media has become the news letter of doom. What earns a place on the front page is usually terrible news;things like road accident, embezzlement of funds, crime, pain, immorality,alchololism. Name it.

As for tabloids, immorality has become their only source of news. The news room has become a portion of poison_killing the nation slowly.

We admire countries like the US but we fail to realize that they speak life into their nation. My attention is always captured when I hear Americans conclude their statements saying, “God bless America” and then I remember how many nearly every Ugandan writes off our nation saying, “banange era Uganda byetoo” (meaning indeed Uganda is like that).

How shall we see change if all we do is rubbish our nation. Life and death are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. What are our tongues saying about this nation? Are you giving it life or are you killing it? Can we get peace out of what we say about this nation? Can we eat it’s fruit?

Let’s not fail to recognize the peace in this country. Currently when our parents and grandparents tell us about the wars of the previous years, it feels like a tale. All thanks to the relative peace. When did this country last go to war?

Lets not forget the shift in poverty. According to the 2016 poverty assessment Uganda has reduced monetary poverty at a very rapid rate. The proportion of the Uganda population living below the national poverty line declined from 31.1% in 2006 to 19.7% in 2013.

Lets not forget the shift in technology and safety of boda bodas due to taxify and safe boda.

Remember change starts with you. Let us speak life into our nation. For God and my country

By Laker Fiona


4 thoughts on “THE NEWS LETTER”

  1. Thank u so much for the awakening woman of God, I choose to speak life into my country. Uganda is blessed and we’re a blessing to nations.
    The best writer in the world. CNN is……


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